Blogs and a Resource

The first blog that I chose comes from DePaul University and talks about instructional design. They were named as one of 50 must-read IT blogs in higher education and have award-winning instructional designers as well as educational technology experts. Just browsing through a few of the post and looking at some of their categories give me the impression that I will have quite a few resources to assist me in my continued development as an instructional designer. I think this site will be helpful in seeing how a team of designers, noted as well-qualified, contribute post to trends in the instructional design field.

The second blog I chose is from LSA Global and posts about the best practices in instructional design. They have been in business since 1995 and have worked with over 1500 certified and vetted experts to align their clients’ culture, talent and develop leaders as it relates to strategy execution and change behavior. I could have used this site for my OI&C course. Also to note, not only do they have blogs pertaining to Instructional Design, but there are 27 other blogs relating to Sales, Customer Loyalty, Leadership & Management with great topics on interviewing, HR & Training, as well as Project Management. Learning from experts in the field with these types of topics will be very useful in the long run.

The third option I chose was a resource from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and is the world’s largest association dedicated to training and development professionals. On their site you will find a wealth of training resources, certifications, a community of blog contributions from industry professionals, and most importantly, professional resources to help you find a job. I have personally been aware of this site for years and have attended a conference or two they hosted. This is a great resource for those in the training and development profession.

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