Online Strategies – Welcome

My name is John Alexander Robinson. I am originally from New Jersey, but I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas with my beautiful wife and my daughter that is a 6 year old (going on 16) mini-me. I have been in the technology field since the early 1990s I have seen some pretty amazing advances in technology over the years. I started off my technology career training businesses, consumers and the military on Microsoft applications. Previous to my current position in a school district, I use to work for Gateway Computers as a Senior Trainer where I managed a territory and created computer-based learning demos for train-the-trainer sessions. I have always had a passion for technology and multimedia is my specialty. I learned a lot through those experiences that established the foundation for what I do today. My undergraduate degree was received from the University of Texas at San Antonio in Communication, Electronic Media and Distance Learning. I currently work as an Instructional Technologist for the Northside Independent School District with a student enrollment of over 105,000. I manage our department’s learning management system, the district’s mobile device program, I create instructional videos and get to test out new technology and write instructional training guides for district use. There’s a few other projects in there that help to keep a steady pace to a daily workload, but what I do I think is exciting and I love it! Welcome to my blog and I look forward to an engaging learning experience with you throughout this course.

Warm Regards,

John Robinson