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Before joining Northside ISD, I worked for Gateway Computers as the Training Manager for the Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico territory offering training to military, business and consumer clients in Microsoft Office applications, web design, graphics and desktop publishing software as well as video editing applications. During my tenure with Gateway, I created and produced training videos for train-the-trainer sessions on video editing, cross selling as well as best practices that was utilized as a learning tool nation-wide throughout the company.

Currently at Northside, I teach a variety of courses to district employees and through an e-Learning environment, I am recognized as the “Face of Acceptable Use Policy Training.” For the past 10 years, Training and Development has successfully rolled out a mandatory online initiative to train 13,000+ school district employees in the proper use of the District’s Electronic Communications and Data Management System often referred to as Digital Citizenship. Besides working with multimedia at the Northside Learning Center, I also write curriculum for many of the courses being taught, I manage the iPad training for all campuses, provide training and support for the Video Distribution System and explore new learning technologies. When you join me at the Learning Center, you will always hear me say, “Come with an open mind and a smile and I can teach you anything you want to learn.” With calm endurance and a sense of joy in what I do, it is my pleasure to be of service to you…

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